The Arroyo to achieve LEED Platinum Certification

Last Month, Community Corporation Santa Monica finalized leasing on The Arroyo, a new affordable housing project located at 1626 Lincoln Blvd. The 64-unit project

Developed as part of an inclusionary housing requirement for a market rate project planned for 500 Broadway in Santa Monica, The Arroyo will receive LEED Platinum certification. The project incorporates the use of drought-tolerant landscaping elements, high efficiency irrigation systems, bamboo, cork and other renewables. The use of drought tolerant plants and irrigation system allow for potable water to be conserved for drinking, cooking, and bathing. The project also includes energy conservation measures – such as high efficiency HVAC, lighting, and renewable energy photovoltaics. In addition to electricity production, solar thermal panels on the roof feed pre-heated water from the roof into the domestic hot water system. Not only will these measures promote sustainability, they should also result in lower utility bills for residents.

Electric vehicle chargers were made available to residents in acknowledgment of trends towards full electrification of automobiles. In addition to EV chargers, over one hundred and thirty bicycle parking spaces were provided to further encourage the use of sustainable mobility alternatives.

Designed by Koning Eizenberg Architecture, the building pays homage to the historic natural arroyo that once bisected the site. Residents enjoy the riparian inspired central courtyard as well as other common amenities including two community rooms, a raised platform deck, a common courtyard space with communal gathering space and a play area. The play area includes a basketball court area and seating for onlookers. The courtyard, with meandering plantings and a rustic aesthetic, has been designed to capture the spirit of the historic arroyo. This ample outdoor space is complemented by the building’s close proximity to all the amenities that downtown Santa Monica has to offer, including the Expo light rail, shops and restaurant, good schools, the beach, and much more.